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This time we interviewed a very special person, this is an international rider.
This is Sid, better known as VICIOUS 274, famous for his reviews on YouTube, its probably the best reviewer of the world.

Trick: Backside flip

FingercanTv: Hello Sid, tell us about you, where you from, and whats your daily business.
Sid: I am 36 years old, married for 7 years, and have a 6 year old daughter. I was born in Canada, and my background is Portuguese. My mother is from Azorian island Terceira and my father is from Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. I run my own commercial cleaning business.

FingercanTv: Whats your current setup?
Sid: I have a lot of setups, but the 2 main ones that I´m using now are:

Redemption Hybvrid Mold Deck with Prowood Slim Tape, Redawn wide Tuned Trucks, and 4 Corner Fingerboards Single Bearing wheels.

Berlinwood 09 New Mold BRR Team Rider edition deck ( I am NOT a team rider for BRR. This deck was personally given to me by the owner of BRR, Martin Ehrenberger, when I met him ) FBS Extra smooth tape, Blackriver trucks 2.0 red trash with FBS Oringz revolution hards, and Substance Neos single bearing wheels

FCTV: Interesting setups! Whats your favourite trick?
Sid: Backside and Frontside Flips. They are simple tricks, once you learn them. It also opens the doors to so many other tricks.

FCTV: Have you got sponsors?
Sid: Yes, my sponsors are:

FCTV: You are the most importante reviewer, what think your family or friends about you practice this hobbie?
Sid: At first they all tought that I was playing with “toys” but after seeing that there is skill involved and how much I love to do it, they all support me 100%!
Fingerboarding is not a toy, and is definitely not just for kids. Skateboarding 40 years ago was also considered a “toy” and just for “kids”. Would you say that about skateboarding today?

FCTV: Good thinking! From the fingerboard articles you done reviewed, which you think is the best?
Sid: The best review I´ve done is the first one I ever did. I probably wouldn´t be doing reviews if it wasn´t for that one.

FCTV: What is the most rare fingerboard article has you reviewed?
Sid: The most rare fingerboard product I´ve reviewed was when I talked about the BRR team rider deck that Martin Ehrenberger gave me when I met him. It´s rare because the only way you can get that deck is by being on the BRR team, and I´m NOT on the team. That´s why, to me, it is extremely rare.

FCTV: Do you practice any sport derived from the fingerboard?
Sid: Yes! I longboard! My longboard setup is an Original Skateboard Hybrid deck, Original Skateboards S6 trucks, Bones Red bearings, and Red retro Zig Zag 70mm 78a Duro wheels.
Great setup for cruising, carving, and the skatepark!

FCTV: What do you prefer, longboard or fingerboard?
Sid: I prefer fingerboarding because I can do it anywhere I want 365 days a year!

FCTV: Finally, do you want to thank to someone?
Sid: There are a lot of people I want to thank. First my wife, daughter, and family for all their support. I also want to thank the whole fingerboarding community for being such an amazing communiyu! The people that I have met throught this community have been fantastic. Every time I meet new people it´s like we´ve been friends forever! I also want to thank all of my current and future subscribers of My Youtube Channel. If it wasn´t for them, I probably wouldn´t be doing what I do today.

FCTV: Thank you Sid, for that Interview 😉
Do not hesitate to visit his Youtube Channel! great reviews and videos will enter in this link!

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  • >she is wonderful! what a cool independent woman. It is good to see her wife supports her! They're adopted baby girl too!

  • >LOL, sorry, I put "her", now is correctly with the "his" Vicious is a boy, not a girl 😉