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Update on FBS Spacers

Jospe 26/01/2019
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“The new batch of FBS Spacers got improved.
So what’s new?
The inner diameter is now slightly bigger (0.1mm) so they fit on most trucks from now on. (tested on BRTs, Dynamics and Ytrucks) They were originally designed for Ytrucks only, but many people used them on other trucks, even though it was a tight fit sometimes.
As you can see in the 2nd photo, Ytrucks have a longer axle pin than BRTs or other trucks. So even with the spacers your locknuts will fit perfectly.
In the 3rd photo you can see Dynamic Trucks with Oak Wheels RV2V and FBS Spacers. Dynamics, BRTs and similar trucks have a shorter axle pin, so you can’t tighten your locknuts all the way. However, they still hold everything in place safely.
I still recommend FBS Spacers mainly for Ytrucks, but everyone who wants an extra 1mm on their other trucks has now less struggle. ✌️”

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