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The Blackriver Store needs your help!

Jospe 31/03/2017
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“Some of you probably heard the rumors that the Blackriver Store Berlin is in trouble, and yes it’s true we’re struggling to survive at the moment.

After six years of strong financial support from @blackriver_official ❤️🙏the store needs the maximum possible guidance of the fingerboarding scene.

The Blackriver Store Berlin is THE Mekka for fingerboarding in Germany and we want to keep it alive – for you and for the fingerboard scene!

This request goes to all companies and even every single fingerboarder. Help us! Companies could send us products to sell and we´re open for donations. Beside being gratefully evermore you will get a feature at our instagram feed! I’ve ever been a positive person and due to this I know that the Blackriver Store Berlin will and could survive but only with your help! Timo “TKY” Kranz Shipping Address: Blackriver Store Timo Kranz – Boxhagener Str. 14 – 10245 Berlin Germany”

You can also donate through this GoFundMe campaign. Each dollar counts!


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