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The Blackriver Store Berlin last session

Jospe 25/08/2017
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“My dear friends and fingerboarders,

I´m writing you today to brief you with the latest news about the Blackriver Store Berlin.

After months of intense struggle I’ve decided to run the store on my own, independently from the company Blackriver-Ramps, starting from beginning of October 2017.

All this will happen under the umbrella of my already existing company ASI-Berlin. The store will be closed in September to give me time for redecorating and reconstruction works and to build up a new assortment of supreme and exclusive fingerboard goods which will be available from both the store and through an online webshop with worldwide shipping.

“Last Session“ will be Saturday the 2. September – Reopening in October 2017!

The Gofundme donations will be finally used to start off this project and to help us with the costs for the first two month’s (saving 2100€ per month). With this in mind I would like to point out the Patreon account again (the page will be updated soon) as this place depends on donations furthermore at this moment too.

I´ll continue the search for financial support through local foundations and store space will be still available for rent.

I´m pleased and thankful for the help of Matt Watkinson, Matt Jones, Alan Long, Timo Lieben, Martin Beckmann, Pete TNP, Catita, Harry, my family and all you patrons and companies out there who donate.

Building towards the future now for this unique place dedicated to the worldwide fingerboard scene!

Also looking forward for a strong collaboration with @blackriver_official @berlinwood.official @lunartikjones @thenorwoodproject @alanalong @wazzupcatita @thedirrtyharry @mikeschneider161 @fingerboardtv @pilzator @radioskateboards @oakwheels @crude_fingerskateboards @prete_decks @dkfb74 @levelupfingerboards @fiveluckfingerboards @bigbeudl @joycult @kylinsan and much more to come‼️ TIMO “TKY” KRANZ #fingerboardingberlin #asiberlinshop #dicktape #asibrixx #blackriverstoreberlin #blackriverramps #asiberlin #berlinwood #fingerboard #fingerboarding #fingerboardtv #skateshop #skateboarding #fingerboardshop #berlin #friedrichshain”

Much respect! 

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