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Sam Aronie Interview

Jospe 05/05/2013
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-Hi Sam, how are you?

Good! Yourself?

-I’m fine. Before starting, tell us a little about yourself. How did you discover fingerboarding? what year was it?

Jesse Farr got me interested in it around 2009. Showed me one of Daniel Durku’s videos at the Harrics. Still love to watch that video.  I wish Harry still used that camera!!

– What was your first setup?

Some homemade deck with ridiculous concave, griptape, and broken Flatface G4’s.

– And what is your current setup?

Cowply, BRRs, FlatFace BRR edition wheels, and FBS I think.

-What think your family and friends about fingerboarding?

They think it’s odd but neat.

– What do you think about the scene of the finger now?

It’s less internet based. But the people are awesome so I love it.

– Do you reckon it has changed a lot since you started?

Not too much. Less internet based, better trucks, and wider boards. Oh and Mike uses a GH3 now. 🙁

-I know that it may seem a very typical question, but what does fingerboard mean to you?

Traveling, friends, and fun.

-You might notice that the riders are quite interested about your tricks and your style, so here are some questions about it… Now all riders usually pay more attention to the style, what is the secret of a style like the Sam Aronie one?

Landing bolts everytime.

-If you ask any kid about which fingerboarders inspire him, he would probably say Mike Schneider, Sam Aronie, Matty Taylor, etc … But, what about you? Who inspires you in the world of fingerboarding?

So many people!! Matty, all of the IL crew, Jbard, Jbraun, Rob G, Shane, Max T, Chuck, Colton…

-Do you play skateboarding as well, or any other sport?

I skate! So much fun.

– What is your favorite skater?

Louie Barletta is awesome!! Logan Lara too!

– And what is your favorite skate video?

Don’t have one. Too many good ones.

-When you do fingerboard, what percentage is inspired by the finger, and what percentage in skateboarding?

Sometimes I really like realism but other times I really like weird stuff. So about 420% finger and 69% skate.

-For those who do not know, what camera do you use to record your videos? What editing software?

Nikon D7000 and I edit with Premiere CS5.

-For you, what are the most important aspects when making a video?

Having fun!! but I also put a decent amount of effort into finding a song I really like and editing to it.

– Do you have another hobbie apart from the fingerboard?

skating and drawing. it’s hard to find a good balance of the three though.

-Would you like to give some advice to novice fingerboarders?

keep on keepin on ~~~

– What do you think about this website,

Looks very professional! I like it!! Fingerboarding needs more sites like yours!

-Wow, thank you Sam! Have been a pleasure to know a bit more about you! 😀

Be sure to subscribe to Sam Aronie @ youtube, nice guy with an unique style!

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