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Lázaro Paz Interview (Original verision – English)

Jospe 09/12/2013
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Hello Lázaro! How are you?
All good, bro. Doin my thang and living my life by God Will.

 Tell us a little about yourself, where you are, what do you do, and your daily routine. 
My name is Lazaro Paz, a.k.a. “Laz”. I’m from Salvador-Bahia-Brazil. At the moment I’m government employee on the city that I live, graduated at Advertising, producer, mc and fingerboarder.

How did you discovered fingerboarding?
Here in Brazil, we got a big “boom” at the country in the begginnig of 2000 decade. Then, the industrial scene over when the money went out. I was very indifferent for fingerskating until 2002, until when a friend give me an old plastic fingerskating with a rail for pay me $5 that I was lend him before. From 2002 to now, I’m still in love with fingerboarding, it’s like a marriage. Haha.

Do you think it has changed really much since then?
Fosho. Years ago we didn’t have places for buy stuffs. The internet help us at this situation, its true. But now we got the power to invade places all around the world and civilization. We got good stuffs like Evolves, Flat Faces, Low Pro and many more. We got good layouts and graphics to advertise the scene. Very good fingerboarders that practice and give good moments to people who wanna see what is this miniature. Here in Salvador we mix fingerskating with social actions and music. I’m not saying that we are the best, but we are trying to serve the scene like a good example that could be repeated at other places.

What it mean for you?
Many things from over these years: focus, discipline, criativiy, friendship, lifestyle…All this positive kinds of emotions and feeling.

And now, what does fingerboarding mean for you?
Years ago I was Winkler Wheels Brazil team manager and rider, I was 16, the younger member of the team. I could feel me a fingerboard star for the hard tricks and the status that it gave me. But unconsciously I was feeling that fingerboarding scene is much more than this. The good stuffs from Winkler was the dopest tools that I was used, but the attention and respect from a 80’s decade fingerboarder like him and the vibe of the demonstrations at schools with smile young people, was much more better. At resume fingerboarding is a contact with angels, it’s a spiritual thang, you feel me?

Perfectly. We know that the work you perform for the scene of the Salvador is worthy of admiration, what is cooking there? The finger scene is so based on the Internet as in Europe and the rest of America, or live differently?
We got demos since 2003 and, at 2008, we created a social project called “Skate de Dedo de Volta” (“Fingerboarding is Back”), to figure a new way to show fingerskating, without commercial/industrial ideology, we already visit instituts and places not only in Salvador. We got a art collective called “Manufilia” that we make music and other kinds of artistics jobs with fingerboarding. Everything is cool, the social project is doing his part, the collective is about to launch his first rap album with fingerboarder-rappers. I’m on my third solo album talking about fingerboarding, sang some fingerskating songs on Salvador carnival this year, a book is coming too… Recently I entered to Reb7r Nation Wide crew that is a Bizzy Bone / 7th Sign group affiliated and I intend to talk about fingerboarding when I can. I’ve turn into a megalomaniac dude with fingerboarding and that’s all for you, the guys who wanna see the fingerskate grows and touch the sky. We got no limit to give the people good moments through this blessed miniature.

What think your friends and family about your fingerboard practice?
Usually, they call me crazy, lol. But maybe they feel that I do it with love and force.

When did you started to make songs?
At 2009. I begin to have a will to sing and I didn’t know what the songs I would sing. Then I begin to visit a studio on the university that I was studying to watch the people recording and producing. Fingerboarding lyrics was about to come to the paper. I was a joke for some people, haha. I’m still yet sometimes, but I keep it going, cuz that’s what I believe and work for.

Mixing rap with fingerboard … How did that daring idea?

Two things that I love: music and fingerboarding. Different things, but they both got the same vibe and it turn into only one beautiful thing, at least for me.

In what do you spend more time, music or fingerboarding? 
Difficult question.Haha. Basically, i practice at job intervals and launch time, go to my house, produce some beats and record some fingerboard-song, then I go to practice with neighborhood friends on my slab or at the streets.

What’s your current setup?
I got 3 fingerboardings that contains Evolve, Low Pro or Yellowood decks, Flat Face wheels and Fingerstore trucks. Usually I carry the Evolve/Flat Face one on my pocket.

Do you prefer practice fingerboard indoor, or outdoor?
Outdoor, fosho.

Do you have some brands that support you in any way?
Personally I got Evolve and Flat Flat flow team for fingerboarding practice. Usually, at the events we got Low Pro, Yellowood, Fingerstore, FBMag and you. For music I got some tattoo studios, graphical business, and other brands to help me pay the production of the albums.

I guess thanks to the internet you will have discovered the differences and similarities of the scene of the Salvador with the rest of the world, what do you think is missing from the scene of the Salvador, and what you think is missing in the “worldwide” fingerboard scene?
In my opinion, I think its missing the same thing for both scenes: aexchange tour. Imagine: a fingerboarder who live on Brazil visit Spain to help the spanish scene. At the same time a spanishfingerboarder goes to Brazil. Their family or friends is about to support them with food and accommodation. They only need to worry about participe fingerboard events. It’d be a great and positive status for the both places. Showing that fingerboarding got a world wide scene, like at Fast Fingers championship.

In general, what do you dislike of fingerboard?
I support all the kinds of critical opinions, but I feel a little angry when some fingerboarders brothers try to show no respect for the projects. I’m not asking for a good opinion, but some people had to realize that it’s not mine or yours, or for me or for you… it’s for the scene, and everything that is made with love and dedication has the same value. Even with music, contests or new riders who record a video without learn a high ollie and suffer with bad comments, you know?

And what did you like best?
The different kinds of opinions and reactions from the people. Sometimes they like, sometimes they think it’s a shit, they laugh and sometimes they look at your face like “you mad, bro, don’t you live your child period?”.Haha

Do you practice skate or some other sport? 
Sometimes I go to RibeiraSkatepark at Salvador, but I don’t practice like before. I practice running too, listen to my musics and think about what can I do to get it better.

Apart from music and the fingerboard, do you have any other hobby that you do in your free time?
Read some good books to inspire me for my projects, study astrology and spirituality.

What music do you usually listen to?
Brazilian and African music, we have good and creative way to make songs. I’m a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony fan and my friends who rap in Brazil, like J.B., Simek, Gutierrez, Yuri Loppo, Vini Costa, Romulo Jr, and many more.  I like new-age songs like Visage, listen to 80’s decade groups like Alphaville. Oh, i can’t forget about the good rock bands like The Cure and Joy Division.

If you had to give some advice to the readers of Fingercan, what would it be?
I don’t know if is a advice but… visit this site that you’ll get good times with you fingerboarding in front of your PC. Then mix your tricks and projects with something that you love beyond this. If you a singer, sing about fingerboarding. If you aarchitect, make the dopest ramps that a human can ride. Even if you a priest, create the fingerboard mass, lol. That’s a good way to maximize the scene, please believe it and don’t trust about the priest action that I suggested. Haha.

What do you think about this website,
Super dope, clean layout, show opinions, videos and events from different places. Deserve the respect from all the fingerboarders around the world. Real talk.

Would you like to greet someone?

Fisrt God to show me fingerboarding. Family, fingerboarders and the people who believe and work with me on the projects, I feel grateful for ya’ll. Sorry if I forgot someone, but at this moment I remembered Alan dos Anjos, Romulo Junior, Vinny Santos, Jader Muller, Martin Winkler, Andre Coral, Mike Schneider, Phillipe, Pablo Montenegro, Jorge André, SoraiaSavitri, Leonardo Tabacow, Renato Taroba, Helga Simões, Cesar Girão, Whodni-Black, DjBranco, Vini Costa, Reinaldo Paz, LazzoMatumbi,  Juliana Ribeiro, Tote Gira, and many others. Thank you Fingercan and Jospe to choose me for this interview too.

Thank you for your support for the fingerboard scene, for these words, and for your support to Fingercan. Continue believing in what you do and fulfilling your dreams!

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