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Introducing our new Telegram channel! 📣

Jospe 13/09/2017
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We know Telegram might not be among your most used messaging applications, maybe you haven’t even heard about Telegram before, but we’re looking for alternatives to Facebook and Twitter, where we already share our website posts. We’re so excited to be inside a messaging platform, and we hope this brings fingerboard news to more people!

To join the channel simply click this link! If you are already registered it will be as easy as clicking the “Join” button. If not, registering is very easy, so don’t worry. Just one tip, when you join the channel, consider to mute the notifications. If we update Fingercan with 8 new posts, you will receive 8 notification sounds, which can be kinda annoying.

Feedback is welcome, if you have any idea to improve the channel, just let us know 😉

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