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>Interview: Joaquín Mendez (English Version)

Jospe 30/06/2011
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-Hello Joaquín, tell us where you from and whats about your daily business.
Hi ! I’m from Paris, France, where I’m an art student, next year I’ll be doing a year of illustration and drawing, then some multimedia stuff. My daily business is pretty much skateboarding at the moment, I just wake up, eat something, and go skate all day. At night I usually just hang out with friends or draw, fingerboard…

-Yeah! I also study arts! How did you get started on fingerboard?
I was like 15, during the holidays just before starting high school I found a french comic called “Franky Snow” by Buche, which is pretty much about guys doing all kinds of extreme sports. And there was that one story with fingerboarding in it, they went crazy with their Wal-mart tech decks and everything. So I just looked for a fingerboard everywhere, until I finally found a “Skills-skateboards” plastic fingerboard. Then I got the Tech Deck, the Close-ups… And here we are ! 

-How many years have passed since then?
4 years in september.

-Have you ever stopped temporarily to fingerboarding? or you’ve always had the same passion for this hobby?
It works as phases. I have those phases where I’m really into fingerboarding for some months, fingerboarding everyday, sometimes I stop for some days, or weeks… but it’s not like taking a break or that I’m frustrated or bored somehow, it’s just that I’m doing other things. The passion is still alive !

-Tell to the rest of the world, how goes now the French scene?
The French scene is going pretty good ! We have lots of new beginners, more events… Still small, no big contests or anything, but we keep the passion alive !We got few but good companies like Spinal or Inexp, some older guys that get into fingerboarding like our fingerboarding French Fred who makes the videos for the events we have in Paris, or Simon, the guy behind Inexp… It’s really chill actually, we go out, we skate, we fingerboard, having good times !

-Whats your current setup?
Mmmmh, I pretty much ride Berlinwood and Blackriver stuff all the time. My set-up is a Berlinwood with some Blackriver trucks (one is broken unfortunately…) and Winkler wheels. And FBS Extra-smooth.


-Favourite trick?
Frontside overcrooks !

-What trick has been harder to learn for you?
I don’t really know, I learned everything through time, I don’t remember training really hard on something. The tricks that are hard to learn for me and that are still hard now are nollie/switch heelflips and nollie/switch 360 flips.

-Vert or Street?
Both mate !

-What do you prefer, fbing indoor or outdoor?
If the outdoor spot is cool, then I’d go for a sesh ! There are some really cool spots in my hometown. Indoors is cool too, it just depends of the spot !

Blackriver, Spinal, Flatface, Dust

-Have you ever thought you’d get to be among the two biggest brands of fingerboard?
As everyone does ! I always had in a corner of my mind that being in Blackriver would be really cool. When watching the videos, the photos, I just wanted to meet these guys and be friends with them !

-You look yourself fingerboarding within 5 years?
If it’s still fun for me, sure ! But, you know, in fingerboarding we discover new stuff and moves and possibilities all the time, it’s just like skateboarding in the way that you can never explore it all. And just like skateboarding, people thought it was just a fashion and a game for kids. Look at us now ! Blackriver kicking for more than 10 years !

-Have you participated in any important event or session?
Fast Fingers 13 and battle at the Harrics were the only “important” events I was at. I also went to the Blackriver Christmas party and to lots of french events.

-What do you prefer, skate of fingerboard?
They’re not the same thing, yet they are so close. I love them both.

-Well, this is all, finally, do you want to thank someone?
Oh no, no, thanks, I’m alright. There’s too many.

-Hahaha, so, thanks you very much for participate on the blog, has been a pleasure Joaquín!


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