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Inexp Interview (English Version)

Jospe 25/12/2011
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-Hey Simon, what’s up, tell us a little about you.

Hey Jospe. I’m pretty good Thx and you ?

-I’m glad you’re okay, I’m fine too

Okay, so lets do this. My name is Simon Medina, I’m 29 years old (yep, just as a good Whiskey) and I live in South of France, near Marseille.

-How is a typical day in your life?

I’m (sadly) not working for Inexp every day. I have my daily job too. Here is how a journee goes for me usually :
I Wake up , take a coffee , wash my self, bring my little boy (Raphael) to school, then I go at my office to work
for my visual & communication company (doing signs, stickers, vinyls, decals, graphisism, printings…).
When I have time I fingerboard board a bit and I have sex with my secretary.
I take care of Inexp orders too, making letters and packages to post them on my way.
Finally, I get back home, eat, watch a film, have sex with my wife and sleep. (dont
worry, my secretary is my wife haha)
I’m more working on Inexp during the weekend when I really have time to spend, thinking about new ramps, stickers,
graphics.. making some new stocks …

– Hahaha day by day so crazy!! For how long have you been fingerboarding and how did you discovered it ?

For one year seriously but I got my first tech deck when they went out in France.
I was about 16 years old I think.
But all really started for me when I was bored in class : to pass time I was trying to creat mini skate with phone cards.
Of curse my interest in fingerboard comes from practicing Skate.

-What’s your current setup?

  • Inexp 32mm.
  • Blackriver Trucks 2.0.
  • Substance Wheels THC3.
  • Spinal Tape.

Inexp 30mm,
Blackriver Trucks 2.0,
Oak Wheels RV Celebration.
Spinal tape.

-Do you have any favourite trick?

Blunt & nose blunt slide !!!!!!

-How do you get the idea of create a fingerboard company?

At first I was just doing ramps for my son and my self.
Then when I saw peoples reactions I felt like sharing them.. I just got cought by the game.

-How did the name for the company?

Because my wife thinks its inexplicable that I’m still playing at 30 years old with a piece of wood. haha !

-We all turn to you, as ‘Simon of Inexp’, but there someone more behind Inexp who help you?

No, Inexp is more than juste my self.
First of all, the team helps me with the ramps designs, they give me advice to improve the stuff we make,
give me a hand with the communication (big up to Markoz aka Galaad).. I’m making the decks, packaging, steackers and much more.
Then, the wood ramps are made by me and a carpenter friend of mine. Finally the plexi ramps are cut
by another friend who has a laser cut machine society.


-It’s Inexp an INEXPerienced company with the material used, or have something related with your previous (or actual) work?

Haha. Yes, plexiglass isn’t a new material for me.
I’ve been working with it for about 10 years making some signs, frontage for shops.
Its even how I got the idea of making ramps with it :
I went to pick up some pieces I orderded for a client and I told my self,
damn, that would make a fucking awesome finger ramp !

-Why plexiglass and no other material?

Because it slides like ice !!!

-What are the advantages of making plexiglas over the typical wooden ramps?

Exept the fact that it offers a different and unique felling of ride, not much, its pretty difficult to work and it cost more than many materials.

-In addition to plexiglas, as we can see on the Inexp Shop, you also make wooden ramps. Do you will use in the future another types of materials or have enough for now?

I’m actually developing some other series of ramps but its top secret .

-What support gives Inexp to the French Scene?

“Hum.. Its pretty difficult to judge by my self of the impact of Inexp on the French scene but I can say that I have been sponsoring few events in France and I will soon organize few events with friends like Jeff (owner of Spinal).”

-Leaving aside the subject of fingerboarding, what kind of music do you usually listen?

I’m listening a bit of everything but I’m pretty much living for techno ^^

-Do you practice the ‘Big brother’ of fingerboard, skateboarding?

Yes when I was younger. I started again for my son (he his 5).

-Do you have another hobbies?

Yeah sure : Sex, creating some techno tracks, sex, mixing, spending time with my son, chilling with my friends, sex, skating..

-Hahaha, What do you think about Fingercan?

Its a great blog. I’m actually often looking at interviews on it

-Well Simon, have been a pleasure dealing with you, if you would like to greet someone, this is the moment.

First of all I would like to thank you !
Then my wife who supports the noise and everything that goes with it (Inexp …).
Galaad aka Markoz who gives me a hand every day and particularly for this interview (he is my personal google translator too ^^).
Jeff for everything he did for Inexp, he really helped me a lot. Big up to him.
Romain & Isaak, my team riders.
Don’t take it the wrong way but a HUGE thanks to Martin, Stegen & Kerry for promoting Inexp and posting all the news.
Finally I would like to thank everyone that supports Inexp
and everyone who bought my shit. It means a lot, really.

-No problem Simon! hahaha, serious, thank you for this nice interview, and see you!

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