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How do I participate on the SDLS?

Jospe 16/06/2014
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Each week Fingercan chooses the best setup in our “SDLS” section (Setup De La Semana) which means “setup of the week” in spanish.

To participate is really easy, we have 4 simple steps. First, you just have to take a photo of your setup (or more), upload it to Instagram, use the #fingercan hashtag and tag us in the picture (for this, you should be following us previously as @fingercan). Once you follow these steps, you can simply wait for Sunday.

Every Sunday, we will review all photos that are tagged with the #fingercan hashtag and wherein you have tagged us. We will choose the best setup and post it in the same day on

We will place the SDLS badge to the chosen setup. And the setup will remain all week at the SDLS section in the right sidebar, and in our slideshow on the homepage.

We will keep naming it SDLS because spanglish is cool. Now seriously, why still calling “Setup de la semana”? Mainly to continue our identity, but also to continue the feed on our website. Calling now “setup of the week” would discontinue the entire feed of posts that we have done, so that wouldn’t make sense. So looking on the bright side, now you know more words in Spanish! Viva! 😀 

Cada semana, Fingercan elige al mejor setup en nuestra sección “SDLS” (Setup De La Semana).

Participar es muy sencillo, para explicarlo, nos hemos basado en 4 sencillos pasos. Tan sólo tienes que hacer una foto a tu setup (o varias), subirla a Instagram, usar el hashtag de #fingercan y etiquetarnos en la foto (para ello, deberás habernos seguido previamente, búscanos como @fingercan). Una vez seguidos estos pasos, sólo tendrás que esperar a que llegue el domingo.

Cada domingo, haremos un repaso a todas las fotos que estén etiquetadas con el hashtag de #fingercan y en la que nos hayáis etiquetados. Elegiremos al mejor setup y lo publicaremos el mismo día en

Le colocaremos encima la medalla del SDLS al setup elegido. El setup permanecerá toda la semana en la sección del SDLS en la barra lateral, y en una diapositiva de nuestro slideshow en la página principal.


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