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Halloween Fbing 2018

Jospe 24/09/2018
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Long awaited by fingerboarders all across the world, the spookiest, most extreme fingerboard online contest is back! One more time, after 5 years organizing it, we’re very proud to present the sixth edition of the Fingercan annual contest: Halloween Fbing 2018! First held in 2011, Halloween Fbing is an online contest where participants have to create a terrifying/halloween atmosphere in a 1:35 – 3:00 minute fingerboard video.

How does it work?

We have enabled a section where you can (and must) check the rules of the contest, but if you want to get an idea of how it works, it is a good idea to take a look at the winning videos from previous editions (2017), (2015), (2014), (2012), (2011), to better understand the mechanics and also get some inspiration.


Can I participate?

The contest is open to everyone, no matter where you live, you can participate and demonstrate to the world how creative you can become with your fingers!

Do you think you’re not good enough to participate? Forget about that! Here we value not only the quality of the tricks, but the quality of the video, the edit, and the idea. That means that you don’t need to be a pro rider to win, seriously!



Sponsors and prizes are top secret for now, but you can click here to see the prizes from the previous edition! Or navigate the “Contests” menu to see the prizes from every Halloween Fbing edition! We don’t take prizes and sponsorships lightly.



The delivery of videos is open from September 25th to November 3rd, 2018. That is, you have more than a month to participate! We will publish the results of the contest on November 9th, once the deadline for sending videos is closed. The jury which will decide the winners is formed by the Fingercan staff (Seon & Jospe).


Don’t miss anything!

We strongly recommend you to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on any news about the contest. Meanwhile, you can check out the rules and start preparing your video!

You can check this and other information relating Halloween Fbing by visiting the top menu and mousing over “Contest” > Halloween Fbing 2018.


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