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Halloween Fbing 2018 Winners!

Jospe 10/11/2018
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With a day of delay (sorry for that), the results of the Halloween Fbing 2018 contest are here! Want to meet the winners? Keep reading!

This year we have received a considerable amount of good Halloween Fbing entries. And the best thing is that it has been unquestionably the most diverse participation so far, with more female representation and more different countries than any other year.

With no further delay, we’re proud to introduce you the Top 20 Halloween Fbing 2018 videos (including the 6 winning videos).

6th Place: Greg Felix (Brazil)


5th Place: Frederik Thomsen (Denmark)


4th Place: Jana Kemmer (Germany)


3rd Place: Stevo Fallen (France)


2nd Place: Ian Mulet (Argentina)

1st Place: William Martinez (Spain)


Top 20 videos

To see the riders entries, just click their names!

1. William Martinez (Spain)

2. Ian Mulet (Argentina)

3. Stevo Fallen (France)

4. Jana Kemmer (Germany)

5. Frederik Thomsen (Denmark)

6. Greg Felix (Brazil)

7. Dima Kamnev (Russia)

8. Santiago Mendoza (Colombia)

9. Jefferson B. Morshed (Philippines)

10. Isak Bjerregaard (Germany)

11. Courtney Koch (USA)

12. Emmanuel Trejo (Mexico)

13. Fabian Ricking (Germany)

14. Austin Howell (USA)

15. Carlos Perez (Spain)

16. James Lira (USA)

17. Garry Claveria (Spain)

18. Daniel Mendez (Colombia)

19. Mikel Ricondo (Spain)

20. Erik Gomez (Mexico)

To those who don’t appear in the Top 20:

Don’t be mad. If your video is not among the Top 20 entries, it’s possible that you have an award winning edit, but not so good tricks and filming, or maybe there are insane tricks but the video has little or nothing related to Halloween… So for the next year, pay more attention to the rules and don’t be discouraged! Yes, it is a fingerboard contest and tricks are important, but it’s also called Halloween Fbing for a reason!

To those who didn’t make it to the Top 6:

Don’t get discouraged, but quite the opposite: we believe that this serves to motivate you and encourage you to try again next year. We’ve seen in previous editions of Halloween Fbing how riders that were below the Top 6 ended up entering the Top 6 the following year (you can see this by yourself by simply checking the winners from different editions on the contests menu).

And, well… Do we really need to say again that your video is among the 20 best videos of this year’s contest? Just in case: YOUR VIDEO IS AMONG THE 20 BEST VIDEOS OF THIS YEAR’S CONTEST! CONGRATULATIONS!!

To the winners:

Congratulations! You made it! You guys totally deserve the prizes you are going to receive, so we hope you enjoy them! In the next few days we will contact you via the email address you used to submit your video to ask you for a postal address to send the prizes (please be patient). As always, all the shipping costs of the prizes are the responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

To the sponsors:

We really love you guys. Most of you are supporting the contest for the second, third or even fourth time. We’re so grateful to be able to count with your constant support, and we want to thank our new sponsors for trusting us and supporting the contest. So, to all of you, Planktoon, Vaudeville, Level Up,, South Soft, Northwoods, BeastPants, Blackriver, Berlinwood and FlatFace: THANK YOU!!!

If, for some reason, you are reading this but still haven’t seen the Halloween Fbing 2018 prizes, stop wasting your time and click here to see them!

Halloween Fbing 2018 Winners

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