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Halloween Fbing 2018 – Rules

Jospe 24/09/2018
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Don’t know what Halloween Fbing is? Here you will find the instructions and rules of the contest. But if you want to get a general idea of how the contest works, check this link instead.


  • You should record a video with an atmosphere related to Halloween, playing with different filming or editing resources. For example, riding in a terrifying spot, using scary music, playing with lights and shadows, painting your hands to simulate blood, wearing masks, etc…
  • There’s total freedom to imagination, but remember that it should be a fingerboard video on Halloween, which isn’t limited to filming the video during this time of the year. It should be something that really transmits either fear, suspense or horror, so the music choice for the video is a very important factor as well.
  • The first minute of the video must be an introduction to the topic, for example, you can create a little story (or just some shots of the spot and your setup), and then begin the fingerboard tricks. There is total freedom, there’s no need to have dialogues or characters.
  • After the first minute of introduction there will begin the fingerboard tricks in shots where the requirements should not be forgotten, remember that you must create a Halloween atmosphere!


  • The video should not exceed the 3:00 minutes duration.
  • The video should not have a duration of less than 1:35 minutes long.
  • The video should start with a 1 minute duration introduction. The intro may not be 10 seconds shorter or longer than 1 minute.
  • The contest logo should appear at the beginning or end of the video. You can download the Halloween Fbing logo right here.
  • A video that is not related to Halloween, or doesn’t create a minimally terrifying atmosphere will be disqualified.
  • Only one rider per video. You can have some friends helping you for the introduction, but only you can do the tricks.
  • It’s completely prohibited to film in cemeteries, if you ride on a real tombstone or something similar, your video will be automatically disqualified.




  • Videos will be submited through Youtube or Vimeo platforms.
  • The videos will be named: “Halloween Fbing 2018 – (Name).” For example: “Halloween Fbing 2018 – Josh Peterson”.
  • Once uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, you should send the link of the video to this email:
  • The email subject must necessarily be exactly the same as the video on Youtube or Vimeo.
  • In addition to including the video link in the email, you must indicate the country where you live.


  • The delivery of the videos will be open from September 25th to November 3rd 2018.
  • Results will be online on November 9th.


  • Creativity of participants. Related to the ability of setting up a terrifying/spooky spot, and the general idea of the video.
  • Realism of the spot created/used, the tricks, and video in general.
  • Video Edition, which doesn’t necessarily requires the use of advanced editing software, just to know how to cut shots, use some effects, and choose the right music.
  • Difficulty and style of the tricks.




Here you have some great videos from the past Halloween Fbing editions:


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