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Gary Chin Interview (English Version)

Jospe 31/12/2011
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– Hi Gary, what’s up, tell us a little about you and your daily routine.

I’m an overachieving college student in New York. The reason why I say overachieving is because I always do work and I hardly ever have time to relax! I fingerboard pretty much every day, though, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I can’t live without one. I like to consider myself a “professional fingerboarder,” haha.

– You really take a long time practicing fingerboard, When you discover this great hobby?

I discovered fingerboarding in the 3th grade (when I was about 7 years old). The reason why is because I was jealous of the kids who had Tech Decks. I thought it was really cool even though they didn’t do any tricks with them.

I didn’t buy my first Tech Deck until I saw videos of Dennis Stimac in 2005. I was 12 years old. I always thought fingerboarding was cool and was excited to use it. I bought the board with the Tech Deck spine ramp.

– What think your friends and family about your fingerboard practice?

My family always just didn’t care about fingerboarding, really. My father was always supportive though, and thought it was cool that I got sent free stuff and made videos!

My father is a huge supporter of my fingerboarding now, though, because he knows that I impact a lot of people and that I am really good at it. He helps me sell my t-shirts, sends my videos around, and finds sponsorship and events pretty fascinating.

My friends always thought it was cool, once in a while they pick it up and try to do tricks but always fail. 😛

– Without doubt, one of the things that your youtube channel has become famous is by tutorials When did you start them and how did you get the idea?

Honestly, that was my key to getting big on YouTube. I saw that my kickflip back tail and kickflip tutorials were getting a lot of views. People told me that I was really good at explaining the tricks.

I just made a lot of trick tips and that’s how I started to build up a subscriber base. Now that there are a lot of trick tips on YouTube, the next big fingerboarder is going to have to think of something even more creative! 🙂

– Don’t you think it was a bit daring mixing in a channel fingerboard and guitar? How have people reacted against this?

I don’t think it’s daring. The way I had planned “weakfingers” was anything related to me and my fingers, guitar playing or fingerboarding! Most of my fingerboarding fans don’t watch the guitar videos anyways, so it is fine. Once in a while, I get someone who is pissed off, but I tell him to just watch the fingerboarding videos instead.

– I can deduce then, that some of your favorite hobbies are playing guitar and fingerboard, do you have any other hobbies?

Too many! Taking photographs, making documentary films, playing pool, cycling, weightlifting, (trying to) sing…

– What’s your current setup?

I switch between a bunch, but I’ll name my favorite so far:

  • Homewood M4 – hand drawn guitar graphic
  • Foamy Greatness tape
  • YTrucks x3
  • Flatface G7 wheels

– Do you have any favourite trick?

I’ve always moved back and forth between tricks, but I’ve found some consistent ones.

Flip tricks: kickflip, nollie heelflip, tre flip, varial heelflip
Combos: kickflip bs lipslide, tre flip fs lipslide

– What are your current sponsors?

– What modality you prefer, Vert or Street?

I ride more street just because it’s practical and you can fingerboard on any surface. Now that I own a Winkler Mini Dos, I can ride more vert, though.

I always was bad at vert; I am working on slowing down my style on vert so I can be more controlled.

– Indoor/Outdoor?

Indoor, definitely. I feel that fingerboards don’t belong outdoors; setups can get really thrashed if you use them outside! But hey, if you can afford it, go ahead! (You can fingerboard outdoor on smooth surfaces, but no rocks or bricks for me!)

– Have attended any event or important meeting?

Yes! Rendezvous 3 and the US Fingerboarding Championships of 2011. I really want to make it to more events, so hopefully Fast Fingers 15 or 16 and the International Fingerboard Championships in Chicago.

– Do you practice skate or some other sport?

Yes, I love to cycle and skateboard. Never competitively though.

– If you want to greet someone, that’s the moment! 😀

Shoutout to all my supporters. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Thank you so so much. It means the world to me.

-Thank you really much Gary for your words, I hope that everything goes well for you! Go and subscribe to the Gary’s Channel! 

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