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Bernardo Bastos Interview (English Version)

Jospe 28/12/2011
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-Hey Bernardo, how you are?, tell us a little about you.
Hello, my name is Bernardo Bastos, I’m 16 and I live in Alagoinhas-Bahia (Brazil)
I love to fingerboard, because of possible new friendships and take the stress forever.
My channel: youtube.combernardobastos95

-How is a typical day in your life?
Typical day, as any young. Study, friends, soccer..

-For how long have you been fingerboarding and how did you discovered it?
There are about 2 or 3 years. I’m not sure.
I’ve found, alert an ex-girlfriend, who traveled to America and brought to me a Teck Deck.
Thereafter, I have not stopped.

-How it is developed the fingerboard in Brazil right now?
The scene in Brazil is pretty cool, many people have that you can have a mature conversation.
We are working to develop it more and more, with some events such as the Original Session,
Hi and Hugorrics Adv.

-What’s your current setup?

  • Berlinwood
  • Blackriver Trucks 2.0
  • Oak Wheels RV

-Do you have any favourite trick?
My favorite trick is definitely the Nollie Heel.

-What do You prefer, Outdoor or Indoor?

-What do you do to keep improving day by day?
I always try to watch many videos, to increase the variety of my tricks.

-How many hours do you practice daily?
I walk whenever I’m with the PC. This moment is the moment where I practice.

-What is your motivation on the fingerboard?
My motivation is to realize that people recognize my efforts, commenting and enjoying my videos.

-What are your sponsorship?
At the moment I’m without sponsorship. Only some support to the Dark Hole (company bushings) and Faped Killah.

-If for a video could only choose a single module / obstacle, what would it be?
Box 3.

-What do you recommend to the riders who are starting with this hobby?
I recommend that nun forget her dreams of achieving something or hit some coaxing.
With enough effort, anything can happen.
And also, never forget their origins.
Always be humble.

-Great recommendations Bernardo, do you practice skateboarding too?
I’ve been a bit of skateboarding.
Nothing more than Flip, Pop Shove-it and so on.

-if you would like to greet someone, this is the moment!
Thx man 🙂

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