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ASI Shop Bday #1

Jospe 23/10/2018
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“We had optimistic expectations for the first two months but didn’t know what to expect then… it was a year full of ups and downs. We almost went out of business yet in March but always looking forward and working harder then ever before was the name of the game! 

The word went around that this #FingerSkateboard Shop im #Berlin former called #BlackRiverStore doesn’t closed down at all just changed the name and the management.
The summer came and a lot more international visitors came around to have a good time and to safe this place 🙏
The new concept of producing and preferring own brands like #ASIBRIXX & #ASIBerlinClothing and exclusive products collaborations so with @bigbeudl@planktoonfingerboard and @berlinwood.official starts to pay off and we’re very satisfied about the acceptation by the scene 🙏
We’re actually witnessing the „third hype“ (yeah that happens all 7, 8 years😃) of #fingerboarding and since 8 years now this place in Berlin is the #Mecca for our crowing scene and occupies a leading role! We hold a lot of birthday parties, #workshops and other special events over the last year and also managed to bring back the #ASIContest series with the long awaited 10th edition included the 15th anniversary of the brand #ASIBerlin itself‼️
We know you all are looking forward for our own webshop and we can promise you it will be there sooner then later but we’re also just human and a day just got 24 hours. At this point we want to thank everyone who wasn’t afraid to order from us directly via dm to get the stuff they wanted without delay 🙏
Now it’s time to celebrate again, therefore we like to invite everyone to the first birthday party of the
#ASIBerlinShop at 03.11.‼️ We’ll bring you crazy #fingerboard actions like always to accompany with music @und_kite as the freshest #INK you can get @elguztoktattooYeah let’s all get #ASITattoos now 😎
See you soon in Berlin
Ramon & TKY”


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