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Alex Christ Interview (English)

Jospe 18/07/2012
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(Photo by: Bastian Stegen)

-Hi Alex! to begin, tell us something about you that we do not know.
Hmm…. I play football in a footballclub, that’s the only thing i think everyone knows everything about me cause my videos are a 100% true part of my life 😉

-What do you do on your day to day?
I stand up at 1 pm, smoke a cigarette check out the mails maybe drink a coffee and go skateboarding or somthing with my homeboy skeletor.

-How did you discovered fingerboarding?
I discovered fingerboarding becaus of a friend of mine and an accident. I broke my arm and had nothing to do and a friend of mine gave me that fingerboard out of a micky mouse magazine and i strarted to do my skatemoves on that little board.

-Many years in the world of fingerboarding?
I am not sure but i think four or five years.

-What setup are you using now?
I use a flaked graved deck best decks ever, ytrucks , ywheels or flaked street wheels i change it sometimes.

-Do you have any favorite trick?
hmm….double hardflip into a grind or something and this fs biggie stuff.

-What do you think about the current situation of the fingerboard?
hmm… the current situation is that the fingerboardscene will be smaller in a few years. But I think fingerboarding is one of the best things ever happend to me. I was travelling to fast fingers with my girlfriend and my homies a few years ago. I was young nobody knows me and i looked up to people like elias, dimitrie, flaki and the flaked crew and now a few years later I am in the finals of fast fingers standing next to elias assmuth and be a teamrider in the greatest fingerboardbrand ever and I see kids like me traveling to fast fingers watch the contest and look up to the riders in the finals. So I think without that kids wouldn’t fingerboarding be the same . That’s the reason why I am always friendly to that kids and answering their mails in facebook. These kids are the future of fingerboarding and if you forget where you from are you a nobody!!!

-You was at the final of Fast Fingers, what do you feel in a competition with hundreds of people watching you?
HAHA it was crazy so many people want to see the contests thats crazy, I was really proud to be a part of the final and pretty nervouse 😀 but it is a great feeling.

-You had your line or quit prepared to improvise?
It is 50-50 the first tricks are my line and than i start to improvise.

-A that other events have you attended?
yes this year i was on some more events like bath, fjord cup, and this smaller contests.

(Photo by: Martin Beckmann)

-What are your current sponsors?
Flaked Fingerboards, ytrucks, British knights footwear, rhino’s energy, lionheart clothing, Big construction ramps.

-It’s common to see riders sponsored by brands of decks, trucks, ramps, etc … But how a brand of energy drink looks something in a Fingerboard rider?
I don’t know i think they want to be in every kind of sports and they also like that fingerboard thing.

-Your last sponsor has been Ytrucks, which will be next?
I think my next sponsor will be mc donalds or louis vuitton.

-Hahahaha. What do you think about the people who talk bad about you just for the sponsors you have?

-There are many people who criticize you just because think you’re a “gangsta”, you are really so, or is only to give a personal touch to your videos?
I don’t think I am a gangster normaly gangsters interesting for drugs guns and stuff like that i have never seen a gangster running around with a fingerboard in his hands would be funny. I am like I am if it is gangster than I am a gangster but i don’t think so 😉

-Do you practice skate too? or only fbing?
I am into skateboarding too.

-What do you do on your free time (apart from fingerboarding)?
Playing football, chilling with my girl, ride skateboard stuff like that

-What kind of music do you usually listen?
Only hip hop nothing else.

-What do you think about this blog? 🙂
I think it is a really great blog 😉

-Do you like to thank someone?
I want to thank my girlfriend for beeing my biggest supporter,my sponsors for the support, special thanks to the flaked crew for beeing the best homies and somthing like a family , my friends,my supporters and fingercanTv for that nice interview.

-Thank you Alex, YOU ROCK!

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