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Fingercan is an international fingerboard news site that is supporting the fingerboard scene since the very beginning, July 27th 2010! Fingercan started helping the community with reviews and tutorials, then came the idea to do something bigger!

Our goal is to share our fingerboard love with all the world. We’re are based in the small but lovely Canary Islands in Spain, so we think fingerboarding can be in every single place in the world, you don’t need to live in a big city to enjoy fingerboarding at its fullest! Although the online scene is not everything in fingerboarding, we love to see how a small piece of wood can connect amazing persons in the world.

We have organised and supported physical contests, as well as lots of raffles and online contests as the Halloween Fbing and Christmas Fbing, the themed fingerboard contests presented originally by Fingercan.

Fingercan is updated everyday with top quality content. We choose every week the best setup shared in the #fingercan hashtag on Instagram, feel free to tag yours!

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Here’s a bit of Fingercan history (most recent first):

William Martínez with the Fingercan Halloween Fbing TV logo tattooed

William Martínez with the Fingercan TV logo (Halloween Fbing edition) tattooed (2017).


Laz Paz wearing a Fingercan t-shirt at Fast Fingers 17! (2015).

The second Freeday Shop X Fingercan collaboration graphic deck

The second Fingercan collaboration graphic deck.

Trust us when we say Kufo is the greatest Fingercan supporter, look at the Fingercan tattoo he have!

Trust us when we say Kufo is the greatest Fingercan supporter, look at the Fingercan tattoo he has!

The first Fingercan collaboration graphic deck. (Plus the Fingercan engraved tape!).

Kufo from Spain riding the Pateo bowl with a Fingercan t-shirt. One of the greatest Fingercan supporters.

Fingercan representing at the Ystore! (Yes, that’s me).

Fingercan supporting a fingerboard contest in Spain, 2012.

Fingercan Dogway (previously appeared in the spanish skateboard magazine “Dogway Magazine”

The first Fingercan logo over a JKR&DCC truck.