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moscow trip

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fingerboardTV – Controlled Chaos #41

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5 Years of Fingercan

A summer day like today, but five years ago, I was launching Fingercan. To be honest, it wasn’t a very ambitious project at first, I had no long-term plans, in fact, I didn’t have any idea of what would come next. I just wanted to show the few things I knew about fingerboarding, some tutorials, tips, and fingerboarding news and videos…

If someone had told me at first, “Hey, someone is going to tattoo the logo of your website” or “lots of people will buy decks and shirts with the logo of your website” I wouldn’t believe it, maybe I would laugh and immediately say: okay, so funny, now stop joking please.

But that’s not all, that is only a small part of the dream that has come true thanks to you guys. The best thing about Fingercan has been being able to meet people I knew before only through a screen. And what’s even more impressive is the fact that thanks to Fingercan, other people, like me, have been known with other people they knew before through a screen, thanks to the online competitions and events in which we have collaborated.

Just the persons that have helped me on Fingercan (organizing the Halloween Fbing contest, or helping me on having Fingercan up to date everyday) knows how much work is behind a “simple” website. It’s much more than that. Right now I have my friend Seon helping me and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

We’re looking forward to see what’s next on fingerboarding, and we’re ready for it. As has happened with skateboarding, there will be better and worse times, but we will continue here, because, fortunately, what motivates us are not numbers.

And if Fingercan has evolved that much in 5 years we are anxious (and we will work hard) to see how it evolves in another 5 years!

I don’t want to extend more, but seriously, I have not enough words to thank everyone that makes Fingercan a reality even 5 years after its birth. THANK YOU.

Un día de verano como hoy, pero cinco años atrás, estaba presentado Fingercan. Para ser honesto, no era un proyecto muy ambicioso, no tenía planes a largo plazo, de hecho, no tenía ni idea de qué vendría después. Sólo quería mostrar las pocas cosas que sabía sobre el fingerboarding, algunos tutoriales, consejos, y videos y noticias de fingerboard…

Si alguien me hubiera dicho al principio “Oye, alguien se va a tatuar el logo de tu web”, o “mucha gente va a comprar tablas y camisetas con el logo de tu web” no me lo hubiera creído, probablemente me hubiera reído al principio e inmediatamente hubiera dicho: okey, muy gracioso, ahora deja de vacilar, por favor.

Pero eso no es todo, eso es sólo una pequeña parte del sueño que se ha hecho realidad gracias a vosotros. La mejor parte de Fingercan ha sido poder conocer a personas que antes conocía sólo a través de una pantalla. Y lo que es aún más impresionante es que gracias a Fingercan, otras personas, como yo, han podido conocer a otras personas que antes conocían a través de una pantalla, gracias a los concursos online y eventos en los que hemos colaborado.

Sólo las personas que me han ayudado con Fingercan (organizando el Halloween Fbing, o ayudando a mantener Fingercan al día todos los días) saben cuánto trabajo hay detrás de una “simple” web. Es mucho más que eso. Ahora mismo tengo a mi amigo Seon ayudándome y no podría estar más agradecido por ello.

Estamos deseando ver qué será lo siguiente en el fingerboard, y estamos listos para ello. Como ha pasado con el skate, habrán rachas mejores y peores, pero nosotros seguiremos aquí, porque afortunadamente, lo que nos motiva no son los números.

Y si Fingercan ha evolucionado tanto en 5 años, estamos ansiosos (y vamos a trabajar duro) para ver cómo evoluciona en otros 5 años!

No me quiero extender mucho más, pero enserio, no tengo suficientes palabras para agradecer a todos los que hacen que Fingercan sea una realidad incluso 5 años después de su nacimiento. ¡GRACIAS!


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Setup de la semana nº211

It’s the end of the weekend, and you know what? Yes, you surely know as you have read the title of this post. Yeah, it’s time to choose the best setup of the week!

After seeing some interesting stuff at the #fingercan hashtag on Instagram… I’m 100% sure that this is the best setup. This week SDLS (setup de la semana) comes from a new rider that has never been selected for the SDLS, his name is… I don’t know, but his Instagram profile says he’s called “@fingershorts“, so let’s call him Fingershorts.

Fingershorts shares with us a sexy setup that combines two colors: pink and turquoise. It makes me happy when I see even the bushings of a setup are combined with the rest of pieces. I have already told you before how sexy trashed decks are. Well, while this is not an extremely trashed setup, it’s kinda trashed. It has all its edges a bit trashed and is dirty, which is sexy enough.

This setup features a Simple Deck with a Welcome graphic replica. I know Simple Decks from a long time ago, it’s a Colombian company that used to have own graphics, but seems like they’re now doing skateboard graphic replicas, which is also cool.

Trucks are not Blackriver neither Ytrucks, which is definitely cool (with all my respect to previously mentioned companies) I mean, it’s great to see more variety.

And some Cart Wheels, of which I have not heard much (so I have basically nothing to say) but hey, I love seeing new brands when looking for new setups for SDLS (well, I don’t know how long is been Cart Wheels into fingerboarding, so let’s say I love seeing not only super popular brands like Winkler Wheels and FlatFace, but also other companies with interesting products).

New fingerboard stuff from companies that never been in a SDLS, and new rider whose setups has never been selected for the SDLS, until now! I like this kind of SETUP DE LA SEMANA! Great setup Fingershorts, now is time to enjoy that baby ;)


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FlatFace Store Session July 25, 2015

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Crude’s pool from Bifo


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une jolie fille

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